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Gifts for friends

Celebrate the unbreakable bond of friendship with our charming collection of jewellery, perfect for celebrating laughter, support and shared memories with your closest friends. Let each piece of jewellery symbolize your eternal friendship.

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Hug Ring
Hug Ring Sale price£24.99
Infinity Love Bracelet
Infinity Love Bracelet Sale price£29.99
Viktorias Digital Gift Card
Viktorias Digital Gift Card Sale priceFrom £25.00
Plain Crystal Ring
Plain Crystal Ring Sale price£29.99
Plain Stainless Ring
Plain Stainless Ring Sale price£24.99
Plate Letter Necklace
Plate Letter Necklace Sale priceFrom £29.99
Star Charm Necklace
Star Charm Necklace Sale price£29.99
Stone Bracelet
Stone Bracelet Sale price£29.99
Stone Crystal Necklace
Stone Crystal Necklace Sale price£29.99
Stone Gem Earrings
Stone Gem Earrings Sale price£24.99
Tap Necklace
Tap Necklace Sale price£34.99
Triple Hoop Earrings
Triple Hoop Earrings Sale price£14.99
Turquoise Pearl Necklace
Turquoise Pearl Necklace Sale price£34.99
Minimalist Letter Ring
Minimalist Letter Ring Sale priceFrom £24.99
Plated Letter Necklace
Plated Letter Necklace Sale priceFrom £34.99
Pattern Crystal Necklace
Pattern Crystal Necklace Sale price£34.99
Heart Necklace
Heart Necklace Sale price£24.99
Eternity Ring
Eternity Ring Sale price£34.99
Double Crystal Ring
Double Crystal Ring Sale price£29.99
Crystal Thread Earrings
Crystal Thread Earrings Sale price£19.99
Crystal Tennis Bracelet
Crystal Tennis Bracelet Sale price£34.99
Crystal Star Necklace
Crystal Star Necklace Sale price£29.99
Crystal Pop Necklace
Crystal Pop Necklace Sale priceFrom £34.99
Crystal Necklace
Crystal Necklace Sale price£34.99
Crystal Double Earrings
Crystal Double Earrings Sale price£24.99
Crystal Bracelet
Crystal Bracelet Sale price£29.99
Letter Necklace Crystal
Letter Necklace Crystal Sale priceFrom £34.99
Sold outLetter Necklace
Letter Necklace Sale priceFrom £39.99